P1020568 (5)

45 miles of footpath.


Luckily you don't have to use it all at once!

We haven't yet figured out precisely how many separate routes there are, but what we do know is there's something for everyone. The rings themselves are great challenges for all abilities, or you can make your own route to suit you.


35 km (20 mi)  9 hrs

This route will take you right out into the beautiful countryside around the city. It's a good day's hike, so not for the faint-hearted!


16 km (10 mi) 4.5 hrs

Part city, part countryside, this route is great for history, taking you past the oldest church in England, St. Martin's.

Less of a challenge than the Outer Ring, but still quite invigorating.


3.5 km (2 mi) 45 mins

A leisurely stroll around the historic city itself, taking in the sights and sounds that Canterbury has to offer (and walking on the city walls themselves!). This is brilliant for visitors, and will show you parts of the city often missed.


Here they are...


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The link paths join the rings, so you can create a walk to suit you. Many different lengths of walk are available this way, so marathons can be left to the brave, or you can choose a route to take in particular sights and stories in the countryside around Canterbury.